Terms of purchse and sale

Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi MTÜ

Reg. code 80140548




  1. General Information
    1. These Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale apply to the rights and obligations arising between the online environment iseteenindus.jooks.ee (hereinafter the Customer Portal) and the customers of jooks.ee (hereinafter the Buyer) when registering for an event or purchasing an item (hereinafter the Product/Products).
    2. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the legal relationship arising from the purchase of Products in the jooks.ee Customer Portal is governed by the legislation applicable in the Republic of Estonia.
    3. The jooks.ee Customer Portal is managed by MTÜ Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi, registration code 80140548, Juhkentali 12, 10132 Tallinn (hereinafter the Seller).
    4. The jooks.ee Customer Portal allows you to register for various races and buy a range of products.
    5. The Seller retains the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale as well as to the selling prices. Such changes will be displayed on the Customer Portal site. Changes and modifications to the Terms and Conditions and pricelist take effect from the moment of publication.
    6. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Buyer confirms that he or she has read, agrees to, and will observe the Terms and Conditions of Sale.


  1. Information about Goods and Prices
    1. The prices of the products sold in the jooks.ee Customer Portal are displayed next to the products. All prices include value added tax.
    2. A charge for the delivery of goods will be added to the price. The delivery charge is subject to the Buyer’s location and delivery method. The delivery charge is displayed to the Buyer when placing an order.
    3. Information about a product is displayed in the Customer Portal right next to the product.


  1. Placing an Order
    1. You can place an order in the jooks.ee Customer Portal by signing in to your account or by creating a new account. You can also place an order without having an account.
    2. To place an order, you must choose your desired product/products. To register for an event, you must fill in the participant’s/participants’ information (personal data and contact details). When buying other goods, you must select a suitable product and quantity. The products will be added to your shopping bag.
    3. In the next stage, your order is displayed and you can add another participant or choose another product from the online store. You can also add further information:
  • gift voucher number or promotional code
  • product delivery method
  • information about the Buyer and invoice recipient


The same page has a “comments” field where the Buyer can add further information about the order if he or she wants to.

To move on from this stage, the Buyer must indicate:

  • whether he or she wants to receive information from the organiser by e-mail and SMS text messages;
  • that he or she accepts the race instructions, the Seller’s terms and conditions of sale and privacy policy;
  • that the information entered in the registration form is correct and the participant has sufficiently trained to take part in the race.


  1. When moving on, the entire order is displayed and the order charge total is shown. After confirming your order, you can pay for it using the bank link or credit card payment solution. If you cannot make the payment right away, you can choose the pay by invoice method.
  2. Order confirmation will be sent to the Buyer’s e-mail address.
  3. The Agreement of Purchase and Sale between the Seller and Buyer will take effect once the amount payable has been credited to the Seller’s bank account.
  4. Confirmation of registration for an event is the participant’s name in the list of registered participants of the relevant event. The lists of registered participants are displayed at www.jooks.ee on the subsite of the relevant race.
  5. Order history and invoices can be managed in the jooks.ee Customer Portal in the menu sections “Orders” and “Invoices”.
  6. If the products ordered cannot be delivered because they are sold out or for another reason, the Buyer will be notified about this as soon as possible, and the money paid (including the charges for the delivery of the goods) will be refunded immediately, but no later than within 14 days of receipt of the notice.


  1. Delivery
    1. The charges for the delivery of the products are paid by the Buyer, and the relevant price information is displayed next to the delivery method.
    2. Shipments within Estonia normally reach the destination chosen by the Buyer within 3 to 7 business days from entry into force of the agreement of sale. Deliveries outside Estonia take up to 30 calendar days.
    3. In exceptional cases, we have the right to deliver goods in up to 45 calendar days.
    4. The Seller will not be responsible for a delay in the delivery of the Products if the Products were handed over to the logistics partners on time, but the delay in the delivery is due to circumstances, which the Seller was unable to control or foresee.


  1. Right of Withdrawal
    1. After receiving the physical order, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the agreement concluded at the online store within 14 days.
    2. The rights of withdrawal when registering for an event (reregistration, asking for a refund) are provided in the instructions of the relevant event.
    3. In order to use the 14 day right of return, you may not use the ordered goods in any way other than is necessary for becoming convinced of the nature, properties, and functioning of the goods (in a way similar to how it is allowed for testing goods in a physical store).
    4. If the goods have been used for a purpose other than is necessary for becoming convinced of the nature, properties, and functioning of the goods, or if they have any marks of using or wear, the Seller may lower the charge to be refunded according to the decrease in the value of the goods.
    5. To return goods, you must submit a goods return/complaint submission application and send it by e-mail at jooks@jooks.ee no later than within 14 days of receipt of the goods.
    6. The costs of return of goods are borne by the Buyer, unless the reason for return is due to the returned item being noncompliant with the order (for example, a wrong or faulty item).
    7. The Buyer must return the goods within 14 days following submission of the application, or provide evidence of having handed over the goods to the shipping company within that period.
    8. Upon receiving the returned goods, the Seller will refund to the Buyer all charges received from the Buyer under the agreement immediately, but no later than within 14 days of receipt of the withdrawal application.
    9. The Seller may refuse to give any refunds until receiving the item that is the subject matter of the agreement, or until the Buyer has provided evidence of having sent the item back, whichever occurs earlier.
    10. The Seller may withdraw from the sale transaction and reclaim the goods from the Buyer if the price of the goods in the Customer Portal is erroneously marked significantly below the market price of the goods.


  1. Right to File a Complaint
    1. The Seller is responsible for compliance of the goods sold to the Buyer with the terms of the agreement, or for a defect, which already existed at the moment of transfer of the item and which appears within up to two years from delivery of the goods to the Buyer. Within the first six months of delivery of an item to the Buyer, it is presumed that the defect was already present at the time of delivery of the item. It is the Seller’s responsibility to prove otherwise.
    2. When a defect appears, the Buyer has the right to contact the Seller no later than within six months by sending a goods return/complaint submission application at jooks@jooks.ee or by calling on +372 6087576.
    3. The Seller is not responsible for any defects that have come into being after delivery of the goods to the Buyer.
    4. If goods purchased in the jooks.ee Customer Portal have any defects for which the Seller is responsible, the Seller will repair or replace the defective goods. If the goods cannot be repaired or replaced, the Seller will refund to the Buyer all the charges associated with the agreement of sale.
    5. The Seller will respond to a complaint filed by a consumer in writing within 7 days.


  1. Resolution of Disputes
    1. If the Buyer has any complaints about the jooks.ee Customer Portal or the Seller, the Buyer must send these by e-mail at jooks@jooks.ee or call on +372 6087576.
    2. If the Buyer and Seller fail to resolve a dispute by agreement, the Buyer may contact the competent supervisory authority, which is the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority at the address Sõle 23a, 10614 Tallinn, e-mail: info@ttja.ee.
    3. The Buyer may also contact the European Union’s consumer dispute resolution platform.


  1. Personal Data Protection, Data Processing and Security
    1. More information about the conditions of personal data protection is available here (link to the Privacy Policy in the Customer Portal).
    2. The Seller uses any data provided by the Buyer only for the performance of the agreement of purchase and sale. Any data provided by the Buyer will be used confidentially and will not be transmitted to any third parties, with the exception of:
  • the contractual partners of the race organiser that are authorised to provide services related to the sport event;
  • the company providing the shipping service (if a physical product was ordered);
  • and to other third parties in cases set out in law.
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